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"The usual thanks - Aug 23 rd


After running a special theme "No Woman. No Man," event on July 5th to record attendance - we are reverting back to "the usual thanks" to test what happens to the gender mix when there is no special requirement.

The July 5th "No Woman. No Man", was simply to test the effect of a gender-equal attendance on the atmosphere and behaviour of the group. 

And yes, the group dynamics were different, as proven by psychology for years before we did this experiment - any major change of a group makeup will create a change in the group dynamics; where people behave respectively to the group over their personal choices and values.

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If you attend an AFQY event, you will be introduced to the room, everyone will be and often with some foot-in-mouth humour at the host's expense and everyone's fun. This enables relaxed peer-to-peer networking and forming personal relationships for business.

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