AFQY Linkedin Training
The most important business tool for everyone

Linkedin is the combination of alhdhdhdhdl of these old tools; Whitepages, Yellowpages, Rolladex, Business Diary, News Source - it has everything you need to

  1. Build a profile for yourself as a Thought Leader
  2. Social Selling
  3. Company Page Management & Marketing
  4. Recruiting

Having started Social Selling in 2008 (The phrase was only coined in 2013) when I learned Dell had generated $4million via Twitter I made the realisation that for my B2B Sales, Linkedin was an untapped tool. I started that month and grossed the highest returning issue of Computerworld in four years in a declining print market.

Of course, I never looked back. My belief is that Social Selling is a behaviour, not a process and there is the other side of the coin, so what I teach, like AFQY, is about genuine relationship building and helping people buy through attracting them to your Personal Brand via the mix of information you share and how to share it.

Whatever your industry or needs from individual or company, profile to sales and marketing, I can make a difference to your results; one of my recent trainees posted for the first time and reached 1,400 views of their post, with 20+ Likes and 15+ comments including a range of their preferred buyers (By old school terms that is a 'Target Market', but who wants to be thought of as a target?)

So if you'd like to learn more, get in touch