Rumblings from the jungle...
Ryan the Lion's ROAR!

With the 10th Year Celebrations kicking off in Hurricane country, we had a blast with 85-90 attendees, maybe more, we had 118 rsvp and I didn't count and took the above group shot towards the end when a few had taken off, but hey we're pretty relaxed at A Few Quiet Yarns.

After running a special theme "No Woman. No Man," event on July 5th to record attendance - we are reverting back to "the usual thanks" to test what happens to the gender mix when there is no special requirement.

155 plus filled AFQY Homebase aka Bungalow8 again for A Few Quiet Yarns, to get introduced to the room, to share a laugh about taxi's and pregnancy (you had to be there, or wait for the video ;-)...

I network, I love networking, and I love being networked by others. What's your story? Who are you? I want to know, I genuinely do. I know so many people, I know so many stories, and those who have seen me in full swing reciting at times 203 people's names, jobs, companies and the odd story or joke, they know...

AFQY's Why


Everything has to have a "why", it's like oxygen or currency, or as Simon says, gold.

A Few Quiet Yarns closed out 2017 with a last Auckland event and what fun, it was good Xmas Party!

October 19th was another AFQY night full of fun and good times shared by all with plenty of yarns, connections and sharing of experiences.