th-3... 2... 1... Blast off with Azuronauts


Along time ago in a galaxy far, far south from here, Kelvin Heights Queenstown, Azuronaut Regan Collins and Ryan the Lion met at a mutual mates New Years party and after cleaning up were in the last boat to row across Lake Wakatipu to Queenstown city for New Years 94/95.

We then went to Otago University together with our crew, and degree in hand took off on different trajectories... until now...

Blast forward in hyper space 23 years and after years in the technology Industry, our stars realigned with Regan wanting to open up the NZ office of his London based business.

It really wasn't too hard a decision to partner under the AFQY Digital model to enable Azuronauts to land and hit the ground running (Not sure how many movie line/cliches I'm up to now) and we already have 4 prospects looking at Facebook @Workplace, along with the team of Bots that integrate within Workplace and make working like having a yarn, "Hey spaceman, can you search SharePoint and pull the AFQY Partner files into a new Project room", and voila, it's all done... for you!

Of course, "...these are the droids you're looking for, they'll help you go about your business..." is the last Star Wars line to leave you to check out everything Azuronauts can do...

Alright Chewie, punch it...

Ryan "The Lion" Ashton

Cheif Yarner

A Few Quiet Yarns