A Few Quiet Yarns.   

Business is personal. we make it human. #MeetThePerson     

Creating healthy human emotional connection.

Business is personal, because we are emotional, sentient beings. 

AFQY connects humans at an emotional level - real, true connection, through authentic conversations.

We do this through Events, Culture programs, Recruitment and various Training programs: Kiwian, Linkedin, Networking, Communications 

Are you working in FLOW?
No, this is not a mindfulness post, seemingly the opposite when I mention metrics, but yes as I learned two nights ago, metrics can be put around FLOW to better understand effectiveness.
No surprises it comes from software development. Flow is a new form of measurement from 1 year ago, so very new,...

AFQY is evolving, yet again, as do all great brands who move with the times, but what does that mean? By our reckoning there are both internal pressures and external pressures and pending any business or market, these are different and unique as the business itself.

The first thing to kick off with, is nothing stays the same forever, we are agent's of change and Covid has taught us how to pivot, however AFQY OPEN and AFQY TECH were not by products of Covid, they were the by product of bad behaviour, the very sort AFQY was originally created to try and change.

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Get introduced to the


If you attend an AFQY event, you will be introduced to the room, everyone will be and often with some foot-in-mouth humour at the host's expense and everyone's fun. This enables relaxed peer-to-peer networking and forming personal relationships for business.

How many #YARNS have there been?

AFQY has been connecting good people for a number of years now, here are our current stats.







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If you can find the information you need regarding the events, training or other services, please get in touch, lets have a yarns

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