CANCELLED: Due to Corona Virus, we have decided to cancel this event, thank you for the support of our sponsors

Welcome to A Few Quiet Yarns Mar 26th 2020

This will be the first AFQY to include the AFQY APP Team and give you the opportunity to provide user feedback as to what you want to see in the app!

We're looking forward to hosting you and enabling you to come and connect with good folk of a diverse but tech focussed background, to share experiences and stories before talking shop - the aim, the "Meet the person first, then the suit". Here is the August Event video to give you an idea.


This is the No-selling Tech-Networking event where you are invited to "meet the person" by discussing your commonalities; sports, hobbies, favourite restaurant, as long as you don't ask "What do you do?" until it reappears naturally in conversation - as we all work in te tech industry, we know thats the fall back and that we we will "meet the suit/title/role" which naturally causes a judgement - hence "meet the person before their suit" is how we roll, and how we encourage you to roll if you attend AFQY.

Event Format:

This event presents the opportunity for all good people to form a social or personal relationship where you can understand the 'cut of a person's jib'. No one wants to be hawked widgets, they want to have intelligent and fun discussions with good people - so come to have a yarn, there is always plenty to talk about!

  • 5.30pm: Doors open - ensure you bring your ticket to gain entry please - Find Ryan, scan your ticket- Event begins, Bar Tab is open

  • 6.00pm: The first round of introductions for everyone in the room

  • 6.30pm The Check in - Hands up who has met more than 5 people they didn't know before tonight?

  • 7.30pm The closing round of introductions, tab reverts to a cash bar.


NO-selling: No pitching, presenting, talking product or pricing - but you can talk about concepts.
NO giving your card out unless you've been asked for it.
If you are from the channel (sales) you need to bring a minimum one end user "to balance the force" if not a sponsor.
Max of two channel/sales per business if not a sponsor.

NO Company Branded clothing (You can still wear your Gucci and Nike, but not your company brand ;-)

Check out what the media say:

  • Watch the most recent event video to get an idea of the event and the story

  • AFQY explained

  • AFQY is a Community

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Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at "A Few Quiet Yarns".

Ryan Ashton
Chief Yarner
Founder AFQY