AFQY Kiwiana

Learn the NZ Culture, so you can "How we all do the same things differently"

We want to see you live your dream of a fulfilling life in NZ. We have already helped a large number of New Kiwis gain employment in their chosen career-field and have a proven track record of 40+, including some particularly good wins that we're proud of; One person had given up after 5 years of trying on their own, we helped them secure a role within 2 months with Career Advice+CV Preparation+Introductions and Endorsement.

AFQY Kiwiana is a training course aimed at accelerating 'New Kiwis' into employment in the career field by providing the knowledge and insights of how things work here is NZ, both in and out of work, especially important cultural differences that affect how work is done.

From how to shake hands to what built the culture of New Zealand, which has an impact on our thinking, language, behaviours, preferences and especially how these affect the workplace.

"When in Rome, do as Roman's do", is an age old cliche and for good effect, it's how you get accepted and most Kiwi's have done it abroad on their O.E. so they can appreciate it, and it will help you "Be a fit" for an organisation, a team.

Completing the course will give you the confidence to assume the relationship as a Kiwi and how to handle yourself in the new environment.