Welcome to A Few Quiet Yarns Oct 22nd 2020!

Coming out of lockdown v2.0, the Tech industry can get together for the first A Few Quiet Yarns in Tauranga, at the University of Waikato Tauranga campus. Here is the August Event video to give you an idea.


This is the No-selling Tech-Networking event where you are invited to "meet the person" by discussing your commonalities; sports, hobbies, favourite restaurant.

The aim is you don't ask "What do you do?" until it reappears naturally in conversation or until the 3rd question - as we all work in the tech industry, we know thats the fall back and that we we will "meet the suit/title/role" which naturally causes a judgement - hence "meet the person before their suit" is how we roll, and how we encourage you to roll if you attend AFQY.

A Few Quiet Yarns has run for 13 years bringing together a cross section of the tech industry from End User to Vendor, from CIO to Account Exec and everyone in between - in a relaxed networking environment, created by the 4 rules below that focus on "Meet the person, not the suit" - make sure you read them all.

This is the first time we are running with A Few Quiet Yarns in beautiful Tauranga !

Event Sponsors:

  • Jason McBride from Kordia
  • Travis Corrie from Aware Group
  • Misti Landtroop from Palo Alto Networks - Watch our Yarn

Annual Partner Sponsors:

  • Eion Hall from University of Waikato

AFQY Co-Hosts

  • Allan Lightbourne - Tauranga City Council
  • Jannat Maqbool - The University of Waikato / IoT Waikato

Event Format:


The Doors open .As you enter - find Ryan or Jannat, show your ticket get a stamp on your hand and grab a beverage, Beers, Wines, Soft drinks and food will be available.

The start a conversation, no selling, no card flicking and enjoying meeting the person, not the suit!


Official Welcome and introduction of everyone to everybody - or some variation of this - 10min


We invite guests from the audience up - to briefly introduce who they have met tonight


We close officially - and will head to a local bar for food and more discussions if keen.

8pm we will have moved to a local Bar/Restaurant for those who would like to continue yarns unofficially the "after party"


  1. "No Selling" (You can talk concepts, but not pricing and product names)
  2. "No giving your card out" (You can be asked after a yarn)
  3. "You can't ask what someone does til the 3rd question" (Find out about the person first)
  4. If you work as a Provider of IT Services, and are not sponsoring, you need to bring an IT end-user such as a CIO, IT Manager or a member of an end-user team (That isn't already attending) and put their name in their ticket. This balances attendance, respects sponsors and enable AQFY to remain open to the community. There is a limit of no more than 1 non-sponsoring Provider/channel from any org.

We employ the principles of gamification - break the rule, earn the consequence of being walked out with a "Red card" and equally good behaviour can earn you Life Membership