AFQY Training

H2H Networking & Linkedin

"Network Like an Animal" - The Psychology and Physiology that unlocks all the "How to's" such as:

  • Joining a group conversation whether there are 2 or 10 people in the group.
  • Existing a Conversation.
  • How to Remember peoples names - and why we forget in the first place!
  • Preparation.
  • And more...

Linkedin Training: from "Personal Branding" to "Social Selling" to "Content Creator" 

Whatever label you prefer, we have a core course based on Ryan the Lion's 12 years of Linkedin use, 11 years of Social Selling and the evolution and maturity of use.

  1. Profile to Personal Brand: Profile optimisation
  2. Learn the Platform, Leverage the Platform: whether it's a hammer or a computer, learning the tools of your trade properly enable your success.
  3. Writing for engagement: this business tool is about promotion and social is all about engagement.
  4. 5 Action in 30 Seconds:  how to wrap it all into your day with ease.