AFQY Women - monthly events, practical scalable change for gender equality.

AFQY Women ran an event for IWD Day 2022 with 200+ attendees and the chat in the session was inspired and positive, with lots of comments about what they would do now themselves as a result of hearing the story of the person speaking.

So we are introducing monthly events - a morning tea or lunch - with  two speakers and lots of connecting and enabling. We are bringing together an advisory board which will be action orientated to hep create scalable practical change. This is will include supporting other initiatives as well as creating our own.

Below is the "No Woman. No Man" Event video followed by the promotional launch video below it:

Events are always being planned. Sponsors are welcome to contact Ryan Ashton: Cheif Yarner, AFQY +6421419202

We've just marked the 1 year mark of the global covid journey back in March, I remember the dates well as AFQY March 26th was the second day of lockdown and originally it was cancelled, then converted (aka pivoted) to online. This is a reflection on the ups and downs, the learnings and lessons.