The original AFQY event and it's variations

AFQY TECH: Tech-End_users and Sponsors/Partners only

AFQY OPEN: These events are open to all

The original AFQY event has been split into a range of growing categories including:

  • OPEN - which is open to all and the environment is carefully engineered for connecting with other like-minded people. Everyone is welcomed, as long as you're a good person and prepared to pay-it-forward.

    A strict no-selling rule enables a broad mix of the business community from buyer to seller to network without awkward 

  • AFQY Auckland May 19th

  • TECH which is closed to Tech-end-users such as CIO's, Developers as long as you are not a provider of tech . 
  • AFQY Wellington May 26th
  • MKTG - as happens with a lot of our new events, someone approaches us and asks, can you do an event like this?
  • SALES - While we have our No-selling rule at our events, that to curb poor-sales-behaviour and enable relaxed no-awkward networking. That said, our Founder comes from Sales and this is our approach to Sales come check it out.

We've just marked the 1 year mark of the global covid journey back in March, I remember the dates well as AFQY March 26th was the second day of lockdown and originally it was cancelled, then converted (aka pivoted) to online. This is a reflection on the ups and downs, the learnings and lessons.