AFQY the event story

"Social Networking in real-time, a.k.a. a few quiets at the bar"

A Few Quiet Yarns started with 12 people and 10+ years later over 7,000+ have attended and been introduced by Founder Ryan "The Lion" Ashton. 

Below is the "No Woman. No Man" Event video followed by the promotional launch video below it:

The introductions go back to the first event, where Ryan noticed that people had run out of conversation talking to the same person, so he interrupted and started introducing everyone and connecting those who had mutually beneficial discussions to hold but hadn't started. Such as Quinn Nahi and John Corey who discussed Fibre Optic backbones (this was back in 2009), and the introductions have never stopped and make the event what it is.

Here is the original "AFQY Explained" article

Events are always being planned. Sponsors are welcome to contact Ryan Ashton: Cheif Yarner, AFQY +6421419202