Rumblings from the jungle...


I coach a lot of people who haven't been active at all, or have just liked, or just commented, let alone written a post, so for some Video might seem a greater leap to take...

I network, I love networking, and I love being networked by others. What's your story? Who are you? I want to know, I genuinely do. I know so many people, I know so many stories, and those who have seen me in full swing reciting at times 203 people's names, jobs, companies and the odd story or joke, they know...

AFQY's Why


Everything has to have a "why", it's like oxygen or currency, or as Simon says, gold.

A Few Quiet Yarns closed out 2017 with a last Auckland event and what fun, it was good Xmas Party!

October 19th was another AFQY night full of fun and good times shared by all with plenty of yarns, connections and sharing of experiences.

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far south from here, Kelvin Heights Queenstown, Azuronaut Regan Collins and Ryan the Lion met at a mutual mates New Years party and after cleaning up were in the last boat to row across Lake Wakatipu to Queenstown city for New Years 94/95.

The heading is strong, deliberate and accurate. It describes the partner ship Mark Loveys and Ryan Ashton have forged through building a personal relationship, learning the cut of each other jib, doing business on a handshake and signing the partnership agreement 14 days after the announcement.

A bit of a yarn...
I want to share a personal story that embodies AFQY, it comes from a mate/attendee who was looking at sponsoring the event and said the below:

AFQY has been running for nearly 8 years, so it was about time we got round to putting a website up and not solely operating our of LinkedIN. (On that note, we've also launch our Facebook Page, that's another story for another day).