Career Services

Career Mapping, CV, Interview Coaching & Advice

Your career is all about you, when you are you your right path, you'll be happy inside and when you are happy inside, the world can be happy with you on the outside and you'll be happy and successful.

Something so important can't be chosen on a whim, and because of those important decisions, often you need an outside perspective. The AFQY Career process includes working through the AFQY Career Map with one of our experienced recruiters/employers who all have a broad range of experiences to give you independent advice and question you until you've settled on answers that are you, that you own that you want to pursue.

We also offer advice and coaching across the list below drawing the best out of your experience and the way you answer the question - just like in sport, "Practice makes perfect", and we help you take it to "Practice perfect, to make perfect".

  • Job Search Strategy
  • CV and Cover Letter Writing
  • Career Mapping
  • Process & Interview Coaching
  • Recruitment