AFQY Supports Chatbus

AFQY Supports Chatbus

Mobile Counselling Service for Children

Chatbus is a safe place for children to go when they don't want to talk to anyone else. Do you remember being a child... perhaps the last person on earth you wanted to tell your embarrassing secret to was your teacher, mum or dad!

Chatbus counsellors hear everything from friendship issues, bullying, family bereavement and divorce, to serious cases of neglect or abuse that no-one else even suspected

ChatBus was founded by counsellor and (Ryan's) former kindergarten teacher Averil Pierce. Two of Averil's children were in early high school when they had their worlds rocked by the suicide of a fellow student and dear friend.

Averil's first hand experience of counselling her children and their friends through such a traumatic experience, drove her to find a way to use her skills to prevent future suicides.

Her research also uncovered that youth suicide in NZ was not uncommon - a point more recently thrust into the public eye, when Unicef released findings that NZ has the highest youth suicide rate in the Western World*.

Averil believed that intervention before kids experience the turbulence of adolescence and the independence of high-school, would develop resilient teenagers. Working with children at primary school results in teenagers who feel comfortable seeking help when they need it.

And so ChatBus was born.