DRAFT - Digital Strategy & Innovation

AFQY Collective

DRAFT---This is a draft with lots of questions---- Overview:

AFQY Collective is about the people, we have a diverse mix of people that have a wide range of experience and we can help match you based on experience and culture...

We work with individuals and organisations, you can choose teams made up of any mix of individuals to give you the diversity that reflects your customer based current or desire 

Essentially you can hire a brains trust for a short period of time to compliment

If like to work with the person, not their suit, then we're a good fit. 

NOTE: Some of the people may be seeking fulltime employment as well as being availvale for projects here, we wish them all the success and offer a reference for anyone of them if thats case.


  • Whats missing?
  • Do we need T&C's
  • What sort of contract (Individuals) /MOU (orgs)
  • SoW Templates (I have a few) 
  • MSA Templates (i need one)
  • What Questions do you have?
  • Do we have some form of personality profile - not a psych profile, but a questionnaire...
  • Code of Conduct for AFQY
  • AFQY Project Framework
  • AFQY Induction day - networking training, Scenarios "What would you do?"

Andrew Steele

Founder ReThink HR

People & Culture

Eithne Sweeney

Founder Wires Uncrossed

Change Management Banshee

Liam MvAteer

App Developer

Flutter and Firebase, API's and all things nice.

Alan Goodwin

Development Manager

Certifications, Agile, Scrum

Lesley Whyte

Project Manager / Change Manager

"Super senior experienced"