AFQY Events

The original AFQY event and its purpose

AFQY TECH: Tech-End_users and Sponsors/Partners only

AFQY OPEN: These events are open to all

A Few Quiet Yarns was created 14 years, as a way to get the industry together, to collaborate and pay if forward and to help change a few things that didn't really help in business.

Thus the "No Selling" rule was born at the 3rd event as Owen McCall then CIO of the Warehouse pointed at a Sales Person and said, "I don't come here to be sold to, AFQY is about connecting and sharing, so either sales go, or I go," and with that the No Selling rule was born.

Igor Portugal was the character selling, and when asked not to, to put his i-pad presentation away, he said "No, I come here to sell" to which I replied, "Then you can leave if you can't respect what AFQY is about, over to you" and he promptly did and we didn't speak for 2 years, no he is a Life Member and supporter of the No Selling rule.

In addition, to that rule, we also don't want people asking what they do until the 3rd question, as yes this is about doing better business with people you like and trust - so to get to know them, we need to "Meet the person" and not judge them based on role, as we tend to do.

There is a funny story behind this as well - our Founder and his wife don't have the same last names, and one event a Server Salesperson was speaking to Ryan's wife and asked her who she was, and after announcing she was a PA to head of a bank, that sales person said, "Oh you're a PA, then I don't need to speak to you", little did they know Nikki was managing the server migration project and the BCP project, hence it's a great example not to judge based on title, and to get to "meet the person, not their suit, or position"

We've just marked the 1 year mark of the global covid journey back in March, I remember the dates well as AFQY March 26th was the second day of lockdown and originally it was cancelled, then converted (aka pivoted) to online. This is a reflection on the ups and downs, the learnings and lessons.