From ICT Guru to Influencer

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Many of the IT professionals I work with have tremendous knowledge and expertise and as a result they can see opportunities and issues that not many others can see. I've also noticed that many of these experts struggle to get buy in to their ideas. Non technical professionals just don't seem to "get it" in the same way that IT professionals do. In contrast I've noticed the great relationships IT sales teams have with non technical professionals. Of course they are well funded and trained in the art of sales.

Then I realised that for IT professionals to be successful and have the impact that they want to have requires not only great technical expertise but also requires a second expertise, the ability to influence others. If we can build this second expertise then not only will we have a bigger impact for or organisations but we will most likely get to work with great technology and make the contribution we want to make.


To address this need I have created an online community dedicated to supporting IT professionals who realise that making a real difference requires both technical expertise and influencing skills. If you choose to join the community you will get access to all the communities resources for a 6 month period. The resources available to you will include:

  • An influence curriculum that has been specifically developed to support IT gurus to build influencing skills. The curriculum is captured in written form and in a series of videos that you can access at any time.

  • Exercises and tutorials for you to use to turn the knowledge you have acquired into actual skills.

  • The ability to post tutorial output for feedback from the community in general and the community host, Owen McCall.

  • A repository of resources you can access that contain resources or links to resources that will support you to develop your influencing skills and expertise.

  • An ongoing forum where you can post, sharing your successes and failures. You can also use the forum to ask questions of the community and share your learning with the community. This peer support network facilitates learning in a safe friendly environment. Owen McCall, the host of the community contributes to the forum on a regular basis providing an additional level of support and learning.

  • Access to a monthly coaching webinar where Owen will answer your questions and provide further insight into the skills of influencing.

  • These webinars will be recorded and posted to the community for viewing at a time that is most convenient for you.


The curriculum will cover the following topics:

  1. Why is influence important and how to build influence as a second expertise.

  2. An introduction to the IT Hierarchy of Needs and the IT Value Chain as a representation of the value that IT teams and IT professionals bring.

  3. An overview of the conditions required to be influential and detailed insight and review of these conditions including:

    1. Establishing trust

    2. Demonstrating competence

    3. Building relevance

  4. An introduction to Value Propositions, as a way to present ideas in a relevant way

  5. Building your influence plan

  6. Reviewing progress and learning for further skills development.