Gifts for Kids

Our aim is to help those kids, who wouldn't otherwise get a single present to open on Christmas morning, get to experience a little of the magic of Christmas that most of us were lucky enough to have as children.

We work closely with Plunket on this each year. Plunket identifies the families/children who wouldn't otherwise get a present. We fund and buy the gifts with great support from ToyWorld. Together with Plunket, we then have a fun present wrapping night, in the week leading up to Christmas. 

This is a great chance for you to get involved directly. Plunket manages the process where we get a whole bunch of people together to wrap and label each present with the name of the child, and then sort the presents into the individual bags to go to a particular family. In the days before Christmas, Plunket Nurses deliver the presents. Last year we were able to do this for over 700 kids in West Auckland and the Panmure area.

Last year, in addition to Els and me, we had 4 private donors, a rotary club and 2 businesses who contributed to get together a total of just over $15K to buy gifts with. All the money goes to buying gifts. No one gets paid.

  • The video of the TV3 news item that ran on Christmas Eve 2014 -

AFQY is pleased to help promote Gifts for Kids for a couple of key reasons:

  1. We believe in the purpose of what they do - every kid should be able to enjoy that Christmas moment, enjoy getting a gift
  2. Campbell Such is a Life Member of AFQY, earned through his generous support as a regular attendee who helps first-time attendees and generously gives time and advice.

Thank you for all that you, Els Such, Toyworld and Plunket do for the children, glad we can support by introducing more people to support the cause, and we'll be there to wrap (Dec 18th - drop Campbell a note through the website if you are keen to help)  and provide a donation.


Ryan Ashton, AFQY