AFQY Announcements: Covid-19 Resources


During the AFQY Online Event on March 26 we heard from creators of a number of recently created, or pivoted, platforms designed to help people out during the covid-19 crisis.

Emergencyq App /

[19:05] Morris Pita: Emergencyq is reducing crowding in busy emergency departments and hospitals by empowering patients with basic information around where to seek care for minor conditions.

The App is currently in 5 DHBs and will be rolled out across the remaining DHBs in the future.

About half the patients that present to our hospitals and emergency rooms don't actually need to be there, they can start their journey quite safely in primary care.

If you do put your symptoms in e.g. shooting pain in your left arm (heart attack symptoms) it will send you straight to the nearest hospital or set you up with a 111 call.

If people can't afford to go to a White Cross clinic which is $50 it provides a voucher because it's cheaper to send a person to White Cross at $50 then have them come to A&E with the average cost of $300-400 per person.

Voluntarily / 

[22:10] Vaughan Fergusson: We're here to help humans. We connect people who can volunteer time, advice, or stuff to those who need it.

The first use case was connecting schools to skilled volunteers. Businesses and communities use cases were on the road map but about two years out. Covid-19 pulled it forward.

The platform is now also designed to connect volunteers to help people get their groceries done and skilled volunteers to small business owners who are asking: 'How do I get funding for this thing? How do I do this HR stuff? How do I read a budget? How do I work from home? What the **** is Zoom?

Over 150 volunteers rolled up their sleeves over and helped get the platform built so it could be launched ASAP.

Voluntarily are also looking for partners, organisations who maybe have resources or tips or advice that they could put on the platform that volunteers could pick up and apply and help folk out.

Skale (formerly Teamed Freelance) / 

[27:00] Jo Fair: Skale is an online platform to connect freelancers and businesses who are looking for short or medium term project outcomes with freelancers across HR, marketing, digital data, tech.

Creating a profile for freelancers is free and Skale is waiving all platform service fees to help businesses access talented professionals during this unprecedented crisis.

With the fees waived, businesses can go on and post the work they need at no cost, freelancers can go on and build their profiles, and then hopefully we can fast-track that connection and get New Zealand back on track faster.

Manaaki /

Andrew Hamilton - Manaaki is an online platform giving business owners access to 80 business experts so you can go on there and ask questions and get advice.