AFQY Auckland 1-3-2018


When we launched the promotions for #AFQY March 1st event we said, "It's way too... quiet... so bring on the first yarn for 2018", and we were taken quite literally with 158 people filling up Bungalow8 which was busting at the seams and the first not-so-quiet yarns for the year took place!

It was great to have so many people attend and experience AFQY for the first time like Rob Campbell, Shavvah Aldred, Dhaya Sivakumar, Jillian Goodman, Malcolm Condie, Frances (Frankie) Steel, Chris Simpson - and many more...

...along with a range who had been before and a couple who came out of hibernation like John Humphreys who returned after about 5 years.

Of course, none of this would be at all possible without our sponsors 

  • Fred Pilau from Red Hat
  • Liston Pinto from Datagate
  • Nicholas Glanfield from Stellar Consulting
  • Martin Smithson from Kordia
  • Chris Kidd from Comstor
  • Rudi Hefer from Solarix Networks
  • And last but never least Annie from Bungalow8!

So please enjoy the photo's and captions (ha ha) as AFQY is all about "Personalising Business" and getting to know each other as people.

If you took any photos, feel free to send or share them to so they can be added to the AFQY blog!