AFQY Wellington Sept 20th


With the 10th Year Celebrations kicking off in Hurricane country, we had a blast with 85-90 attendees, maybe more, we had 118 rsvp and I didn't count and took the above group shot towards the end when a few had taken off, but hey we're pretty relaxed at A Few Quiet Yarns.

Feel free to download your images and report them if you want to, we certainly enjoy a few quiet yarns, and a couple of loud celebrations! #ROARSOME

As always thank you to the attendees, who make every event what it is, and thank you to our sponsors who make it all happen, book the 15th November in your Diary, were coming back and we would love for you to bring someone new next time! (The introduction record is 203 but I think it's unlimited and I'd like to test it!)


Ryan the Lion