A perfect AFQY story


A bit of a yarn...
I want to share a personal story that embodies AFQY, it comes from a mate/attendee who was looking at sponsoring the event and said the below:

  • AFQYer: "How do I explain this to the boss? You come along and talk to people, no presentation about the company or the product?"
  • Ryan: "Yup, that's right"
  • AFQYer, "But he's never been he won't get that"
  • Ryan: "Ok, so tell me about your experience, step-by-step"
  • AFQYer, "Mmm, ok, so I came to the event, found you, got my stamp and went to the bar to get a drink. Then I saw a guy I knew who said 'come over', and I was introduced to a circle of people..."
  • Ryan: "A-ha...." (That's introduction based networking with good people)
  • AFQYer: "...and I got talking to this guy who is into 'sport-x' like me and we talked about it for ages actually..."
  • Ryan: "...a-ha.." (That's building a social relationship based on personal stories)
  • AFQYer: "...and we ended up organising a weekend doing 'sport-x' with the family.."
  • Ryan: "..a-ha that's pretty cool.." (That's really building a personal relationship)
  • AFQYer: "... and that was cool, we got on well, and through talking we got to know what each other does and the next thing they sent me a contract to do "Y" for them"
  • Ryan: "A-ha, so your story is the perfect example of coming to AFQY to build a social come personal relationship and once you get the cut-of-the-persons'-gib, and you have a mutual need, it's easy doing business with someone you know and trust, that's brilliant" (The perfect story of what AFQY is about)

So I urge you to consider what good has come out of AFQY for you, please. We've launched our website and I'd love to have as many of these stories available for a blog series, obviously, the article is anonymised, as it just popped into my mind, and I don't have permission to share the detail and the names, but I do know it.

If you'd like to attend, check out the events page for the current events, and if you'd like to sponsor then please get in touch. AFQY's thinking is that "It take a community to support a community", so we charge low to enable a team of sponsors to share the cost.


Ryan Ashton
Cheif Yarner