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It's fantastic to partner with Rebecca-the-Rower

That's a nickname I started calling Rebecca Caroe as a bit of fun as I am Ryan-the-Lion. There's some alliteration which rolls off the tongue, there is authenticity as she is an accomplished rower and still does the 6 a.m. morning row (which I could never understand), but importantly, the authenticity to her brand as an accomplished and disciplined sales and marketing consultant at Creative Agency Secrets.

Perhaps the 6 a.m. rowing thing is how she has time to fit in all the learning and doing, as I am often amazed by her knowledge in the burgeoning space of digital marketing. How does one keep ahead?

  • Want a corporate video in YouTube to share on social media? Sure, but did you know all the tips and tricks to maximising the set-up and the tools available to you? I didn't. Rebecca does and when showing her an AFQY video, she quickly jumped in and tweaked it to great effect.
  • Doing something and stuck looking from inside the fishbowl? Gain an astute outside perspective with some strategic ideation, like I experienced for AFQY Kiwiana.
  • Need a favicon or content created? Within 30 minutes it was live. There is nothing like seeing success happen before your eyes with thanks to Tabhitha Tang, part of the Creative Agency Secrets crew.

If you want someone in your (business development) boat that will get you across the line, it should be a disciplined leader.

Along with the right capabilities, it's these qualities and a breadth and depth of experience and team that provide the potential for a healthy partnership, a safe pair of hands to extend my capabilities, give me time back and grow my business. As Rebecca announced when introducing herself at the EMA Strategic Marketing Conference, "I (Rebecca) like to do the execution marketing, the practical stuff that generates business", which aligns to her knowledge base and its application to client businesses.

This week I went through the New Business Development Year Planning Workshop - a system with an approach to annual planning driven by Rebecca and guided by her systemised methods which we powered through with a critical eye. We created an executable plan, building each answer into a calendar and thus creating a high-level plan. The structure helped me focus on what I need to do (first) and what can be planned for later.

I was on the boat being pulled through the water from disorganised visionary (yes, I did call myself that - if you read it, you can comment on it ;-) to organised executioner. Having delivered these workshops for clients in my past I was enthused by a few new experiences:

1. We wrote ideas down in the plan as we did it, as it came up - no ideas were lost overboard (boat pun intended).

2. I wrote them in myself - the psychology of writing down your own notes is now well researched, it works because it sticks.

3. It covered Business Development: Sales and Marketing together - so no silo mentality.

4. It reintroduced me to lost disciplines as I predominantly work by myself, such as booking sales meetings, event meetings to review and kept me organised (a few of my clients will appreciate this).

5. We were able to skip back every time I had an "Oh we'd better add this..." moment - the process drew everything out, I like to be thorough (See point 1).

6. Focused and practical - The plan isn't onerous. It isn't a plan for a marketing team of 10 and a sales team of 20 (that's what I usually do to myself and then unwittingly make clients wait, which I loathe doing, see point 4).

And this was just scratching the surface. So bring on 2018, bring on organisation, bring on execution and let's leave overloaded 2017 behind.

If you would like to add discipline to your business development or growth hack your digital marketing, let's have a conversation about your needs and how Creative Agency Secrets can get your business performing.


Ryan the Lion.