Datagate, the dream AFQY Partner


The heading is strong, deliberate and accurate. It describes the partner ship Mark Loveys and Ryan Ashton have forged through building a personal relationship, learning the cut of each other jib, doing business on a handshake and signing the partnership agreement 14 days after the announcement.

Clearly that left room for details to change, renegotiation, and there was, but it was a quiet yarn about working out agreeable detail that was mutually beneficial, a bit of give and take both ways culminating with the last AFQY slogan or cliche, "leaving smiles on both dials".

So it is a dream partnership, discussed easily, no BS, no posturing, no chess strategy required, rather plenty of careful and polite discussion with a conscientious effort to agree.

So then it was onto onboarding, educating Ryan to enable him to have those 1st level discussion with good time investment, availability of the respective team members and then it was getting into the calls and a range of communications.

It's been interesting as to how many things we've found similar thinking on, such as Mark's blog announcing the partnership where he says, "...iI would argue that you also need a good reputation......" and in an old AFQY Blog Ryan had written, "'s who you are that makes a difference to who you'll know".

So to say I'm pleased is an understatement, as it's really important to get on with those you work with as you spend most of your waken life at work. It's a huge belief of mine that a happy team are a productive team, and that's not news as well all know, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", and I've joined a great team with a great culture who have made NZ's next big software to take on the globe.

The part I play is network marketing and contract sales, introducing my network of good people who have a genuine need for the Datagate billing engine to the business and managing the relationship.

You can read more about Datagate here and contact me for Datagate through


Ryan "The Lion" Ashton

Cheif Yarner

A Few Quiet Yarns + Datagate