"It's live... AFQY's website is live!


AFQY has been running for nearly 8 years, so it was about time we got round to putting a website up and not solely operating our of LinkedIN. (On that note, we've also launch our Facebook Page, that's another story for another day).

As AFQY is all about "personalising business" we decided to give the website it's own name. Frankenstein. Becuase it is alive and stuck together with love. That's a cute way of saying, we need better quality images, copy writing and the such like, Ryan has done ok, but "could be better", so let's roll with the agile-iterative approach of, it will get better, as it evolves.

If you'd like to supply any images, feel free to post them on social media with #AFQY or on the Facebook page linked above and I'll grab them from there and credit you. One of our favourite sayings and business beliefs is "You have to give credit where credit is due" even if just a small thing like a photo, because that is your contribution to this community.

Well, I better crack on with getting Sept 29th event ready, I still have to check my list and check it twice, so I can introduce everyone as best as possible.


Ryan the Lion
Cheif Yarner