Network with a Purpose


I network, I love networking, and I love being networked by others. What's your story? Who are you? I want to know, I genuinely do. I know so many people, I know so many stories, and those who have seen me in full swing reciting at times 203 people's names, jobs, companies and the odd story or joke, they know I that genuinely do enjoy learning about you as a person and learning your story.

Why? That seems like a lot of energy, a lot of time, and for what?

Usually for you.

And yes, for me, I have already told you that I enjoy learning your story, and their story. I find it fascinating to hear what you have done, what you have achieved, and I'm not shy of telling my own story or sharing a few quiet yarns (sometimes too many or too long, but hey, we all have our faults ;-)

The point to the intro above is that the supercomputer that some call my brain, with an amazing amount of storage of video and image files, you name it - people's stories are all in there. Sometimes I also store additional files on the backup, sometimes the HDD Sata, and sometimes, the newer flash drive with oodles of RAM and a CPU that runs on rugby and laughter.

Sorry, to the point - I match aspects of your story and background to someone else's needs. The AI of my supercomputer provides me the insights or intuition to say, "Ahh this person would be a fit for the this person, or a team fit for this role, or, that person has their answer from their experience of doing "Y" in Timbuktu for what you are dealing with now."

If you Google "How to network?" you will get 5,000,000,000 results that say, "The first thing (after introductions and pleasantries) you should do when trying to connect with a person of value to your purpose is to find out how you can help them, and how you can add value to them." Effectively, I shortcut that process by storing what you share with me and feed it into my insight engine or predictive analytics to create a connection of purpose by joining your two sets of data together and finding a match. I highlight the mutual value for you.

So, what can you gain from reading all this? Well, most of you will be thinking, "I need to commit my story to this supercomputer storage so it will spit out connections of mutual value for me too". Yes, you do, but read on first.

Here is some additional value for you, whether you're networking online, offline, here, there, anywhere, with anyone:

Network with a purpose.

Network with a purpose. Networking for numbers is inconsequential and fruitless. You may find a bag full of rotten apples at the end as all you watched was the bag being filled. You must only connect with those you have a purpose with and can therefore nurture with mutual value. If you don't have intentions of nurturing, then don't connect. If you have nothing of value to give, then don't connect, because if all you do is "take and ask", your connection will never give.

How do you network with a purpose? You know what you want or need, so share that with the person...

"But how Ryan?"

"You just said the most common thing said about networking is, 'give them value', how do I tell them what I am looking for, when I am listening to what they want, to be able to give them value; what you have said is an oxymoron, Ryan, you're a moron"

Au contraire mon Amie ;-) It is a dual process, it is not a single-threaded process, as you ask and you listen, you give as you ask. You give when you ask about them. That is the secret. "Give and ye shall receive", or "Ask and ye shall receive". It is both. You can provide active-listening and empathic-communications that show you listen as well as ask questions and also give information in the same breath.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to send me an email with your question to which I will respond to with an answer and also share when my next networking course is on to see whether you'd like to attend.

Did you see what I did there?

  • I asked you an open-ended question

  • I offered value

  • I gave you information

  • I asked for a return of value, if you are interested

Note: If you can answer those relatively simple questions correctly, you will get a free ticket to the first AFQY Networking course.


Ryan Ashton

Chief Yarner