Linkedin Training

With 13 years experience of early adopting, evolution and high activity, there is little Ryan can't answer when it comes to Linkedin.

Making his first Social Sale in 2008, he quickly realised the opportunity and created an empathy driven organic method of social selling which is still in use and highly successful for a range of organisations such as Kordia, BNZ, Parallo, Otago Polytechnic, AUT, Figure8, ACENZ and more individuals.

The rise of Personal Branding, Content Creation and other forms, is all the same mechanics, just done with a different purpose but require the same result - high engagement to result in real outcomes off the back of what we refer to as "vanity stats", but as Ryan says, "Without the vanity stats, there are no real stats, such as sales".

Personal Brand is all about authentic and managed Profile and Communications, whether you have a shabby profile or a slick profile that is the brand you are communicating, and your communications need to resonate who you are and reflect your values and of course objectives.

Ryan the Lion can help you with training,  130 page training overview with additional specific courses for 

  • Writing Posts 
  • Writing comments
  • Activity sequences
  • Strategy
  • Profile Review

So get in touch, we are here to help and as a guide, here are the four typical break downs of training as a guide:

  • Profile Optimisation: Photos, Headlines, Personal Summary

  • Engagement: Writing a Post, Commenting, Responding

  • Finding your voice (A mix of personal and work) - you have it, it;s yours its just that people struggle to say it to the world on social media for a range of fears, but break the ice, crack the egg and you'll get over it fast.

  • Cycles:

    Post, Comment, Respond, Connect, Message

    Scroll, comment, Scroll, Comment

    Profile View, Stalk, Invite

    Invite Acceptance Criteria

  • Framing and Taking photos: How to take a Selfie, lighting, Angles, Filters.