Trust through Transparency

Why writing Linkedin posts builds trust.

Building trust in imperative for business, for life. Sharing your content achieves trust by nature of the fact that the world can call you out, or support you and thats what writing an authentic and genuine post achieves. Trust.

Having worked in sales most my career, from my first job in retail at Kathmandu's first Dunedin store - actually selling myself to get that role in the first place I had to rebuild trust with Tammy who was a great boss, but I digress - back to sales - it has a stereotype well know.

The "shark-finned, used-car-sales, shinny shoe salesperson," that e have all experienced, is the noose around any salespersons neck that they have to overcome with each new client, and trust me, I've experienced it all.

We can do that in person, but if we go back another step to making contact, that Cold Call and actually getting through that gate, it's tough and often really good salespeople can call at the wrong time and thats it for the buyer.

So how can we fix this? How can we turn this around? How can we connect the seller and buyer? By removing the barrier, by creating Trust through Transparency, the theme of this campaign.

By posting on Linkedin, the business social media you can:

  • Share your capability
  • Share your experience
  • Share your real stories

Which allows you to:

  • Prove your honest
  • Prove you are a product champion
  • Prove you are a Trusted adviser

Because, you make yourself transparent. The world or 750million LinkedIn users can call you out for any untruths, or they can Socially Validate your post by liking and especially, commenting on your post - especially the subject of your post - who better than the source, a happy client come friend who immediately validates the story and endorses you!

Then as with Social Media, others start to take notice, and engage, discussing your story, and as the engagement grows, some will share to friends, even comment "Ryan, isn't this what you're looking for?" so on and so forth.

Essentially your stories will attract customers. A one off can attract a huge amount of enquiry, but regular posts will build a following and create you personal brand. You will become that trusted go-to-expert in your field and the market will know you before they are even in buying mode.

So why wait until they are 57% of the way through the buying cycle - because if you were not the chosen brand, then you are just that stereotypical sales person saying whatever you need to to make your product better.

Here are some examples of my stories:

My Covid Weight - Purpose: connecting with empathy, relationship building

Client story - Indirect sell through connecting their purpose to a story

AFQY Event Promo - Through a networking lesson

New Business - sharing the story of our meeting

Client examples:

Ben Hamid's #QuaRUNtine running story 

Andre Timothy's Xmas Shopping and POS story

Parisa Shademan's Inclusion and Representation story

Russell Jones - sharing his next steps

If you'd like learn how to use Linkedin effectively as a business tool to attract an audience and grow your Personal Brand be it for Social Selling or Thought Leadership, or any other purpose you'd like to discuss, the beauty is the actions are all the same just your purpose defines your content and I'd love to help you get your stories out and help you achieve success.


Ryan the Lion

PS: No, you do not need a nickname to build a Personal Brand, but you're welcome to learn why I do as explained in my About section on my Linkedin profile.

PPS: No animals were harmed in the writing of this article and I'm sure I've got a mistake or two to correct.