Local Cutover Coordinator Profile

Conract (1 FTE)

Role Description:

  • Coordinates the country involvement in the cutover activities across all different functional work streams

  • Leads the development of the cutover deliverables (local cutover plan, support plan, cutover register, etc.) within the centrally defined framework and strategy

  • Aligns with the central cutover management team and the central cutover coordinators

  • Manages the local cutover simulation and the production cutover

Role Criteria:

  • Strong Business knowledge

  • Good connections across the local business in multiple functions

  • Strong project management and communication skills

  • Ability to act as central point of contact

  • Self-motivated with attention to detail


  • Coordination of the local cutover deliverables for the country within the centrally defined framework

  • Create the local Cutover Detailed Plan 
  • Document resources shifts in the Cutover Support Plan  
  • Ensure alignment with Central Cutover Coordinators
  • Mutually agree on task dependencies between teams

  • Support the definition, review and execution of

    • Business Preparation activities

    • Last Day/First Day activities

    • Plant shut down/continuation strategy

    • Health Checks

    • Controlled start up

    • KPIs

  • Manage issues and risks during cutover preparation and escalate to Central Cutover Management where needed

  • Manage Cutover Execution for local activities

    • Monitor and report on progress execution local activities

    • Monitor issues with impact to country and actively follow up on High and Critical severity incidents

    • Attend Checkpoints and Go/No-Go Meetings

  • Arrange logistics in local sites during simulation and production cutover

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