Social Service APP

I call him #BigREIofSunshine, and that's really fitting for one of the nicest people I've ever met because he is a big fella, but his heart and passion for MyRivr and what it is all about.

MrRivr is an APP with over 7,000 social services from simple things like how to get your car license to the ultimate importance of SUICIDE.

With a history that spans being a New Kiwi to a Gang member to a professional Rugby player to a Policeman which ultimately culminated in becoming the Cheif Dreamer and Co-Founder of MyRivr with Elia Chan and  Robert Perelini who have all invested in this dream of theirs to help people from all walks of life, to save them going down any type of wrong path by reaching them before they need the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" as Rei refers to commonly when telling his stories.

If you'd like to sponsor any of their available opportunities, or donate, or have them speak - all and any support helps save another life or stops the person from getting that far down the track - and this is hugely important to me as someone who has suffered bullying, depression and anxiety and never reached out, I only made it through luck and personally I don't want to see another person hurt or life lost so AFQY Supports MyRivr with small regular donations and as much pro bono promotional support as possible.

 Thank you Rei, Elia and Rob!