"I was once shy, and I am not now, what I observed over the years is that Networking is a learned skill that if practiced improves like any other skills" ~ Ryan the Lion

This is a 1.5 hour action packed training course covering the single most important key to unlocking all networking skills.

If you struggle with "networking" then this is the course will have a profound impact on your mindset and ability to network. Learn the key to unlock your ability to perform all the "How to's" that you can google but often never deliver or achieve as you attend the next networking event and fail and leave hating networking more from the bad experience than before.

It is really simple, we are animals, and Ryan will explain what this means and how it affects us talking you through the Psychology and Physiology of Human Behaviour with regards to:

  • Networking is a learned skill not a gift we are born with

  • Attending Networking events - tips and tricks

  • Creating meaningful conversation

  • How to join a group discussion

  • How to exit a group discussion

  • Why we forget peoples names and how to remember them

  • How to practice your skills every day

You will learn Theory, hear examples and do the practical in an action packed 1.5 hours

Ryan Ashton
Chief Yarner
Founder AFQY