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Todd Group Self Defense Systems  - Close Personal Protection

What is Close Personal protection?

The Close Personal Protection Course is developed and run by Todd Group typically for those who require an organised, professional and capable team to provide protection, such as Celebrities, Dignitaries, and high-net worth individuals - those at threat from being kidnapped, attacked or threatened by criminal activities.

This is not overt Bodyguard work, CPP is the planning and preparation before a trip or activity is made, from checking the route, to vehicle sweeps (TBC with Tank - short sharp list)

Who is this for?

Those who choose a career in Close Personal Protection work and over time, we have found that a range of those who are typically protected by the people we train are also interested in learning the same skills for their own peace of mind during all times when not involved in actual duties such as product launches, parades, global sporting events.

What will you learn?

This specialist basic level Close Personal Protection course of instruction and training exercises phase provides instruction in wide ranging close personal protection specialist tactics and skills. Protocol, etiquette, evasive and aggressive driving, Land Air Sea Rail Operations, tactical shooting, close protection related close combat, surveillance anti and counter surveillance, pedestrian escort formations and much more.

About Todd Group - The Training organisation

The current chief instructor Tank has continued with providing bodyguard training for more than two decades in New Zealand and operates the oldest such facility and is the most extensive private training program provider of close personal protection in New Zealand.

The courses we conduct here in New Zealand include land, air, sea, rail and armed practical components as well as multiple exercises and all the international industry required close personal protection subject theory and practical. This makes it a very extensive course requiring considerable resources and training facilities including a headquarters and camp as well as several satellite training facilities.

We have been training providers and personnel providers for the biggest close personal protection contract in New Zealand over the past 20 years and internationally have trained hundreds of operators in CQC and CPP that through their professionalism have gained a reputation of being industry professionals and have as such ensured further referrals for training to the Todd Group.